The petition is about how public services should be free to finance for governments and should not come out of the publics pockets. Public Services should be financed via grants from national/central banks and this way governments don’t need to tax or borrow for their money. The current system of taxing, borrowing and so on to make a budget for governments and then spend this money on public services and good causes is falling us. Governments funds are limited and due to their money making systems being restricted their hands are tied and they are involved in balancing their expenditures with their limited income. If we unshackle their money making capabilities then they can all give us public services and good causes for free which won’t come out of our pockets. The things they can do are

  1. Increase minimum wage dramatically to figures of £20 an hour and son on across the world. Say to business you pay £5 an hour and we top up by £15 to give everyone £20 an hour and this way people can come out of poverty.
  2. Create jobs for the unemployed more easily if businesses wage bill is reduced by assistance from governments then they can also employ more people.
  3. Give people proper pensions and put them on the same money as what they were earning or top up pensions to much more higher figures not the low figures of today.
  4. Tackle pollution easily by offering incentives to polluting industries like electricity, automotive and so on to turn 100% green and renewable.
  5. Tackle homelessness by building and accommodating homeless people.
  6. Give everyone free health care across the world.
  7. Give everyone free education including higher education across the world. We want the younger generations to be educated but we are charging them more money to get educated and this is making it harder for them to get into higher education.

There are so much more that governments can do to improve the planet and everyones lives if they were not restricted with their finances and we stopped them from getting into debt. It’s time we changed the way we live and are governed so that everyones life is improved and we can give the younger generations a planet they can be proud of inheriting.