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• Half the People in the World are in Poverty and Earn Less than $2 a Day.

• One in Every Two Child is Born into Poverty.



1. Introduction

The time has come that we the tax payers were it be business or public stopped paying for Public Services. Its time Governments made their plans on how to give their citizens proper public services like Free Health Care, Free Higher Education, Free Public Transport, Contributing to Minimum Wage and other Good Causes then went to their national bank (central bank) and got the funds as a grant and not have to pay it back. Central Banks should be able to finance Governments regardless of their Gold Reserves and so on and this should not affect the Governments credit ratings. This way the whole world can develop properly and come out of poverty. Currently we have a world system which is medieval and prehistoric. It’s the same system from the times of pharaohs and kings and queens. The progress of human kind is being hindered by governments being reliant on tax payers for their finances and small budgets. This is restricting their capabilities specially when it comes to improving our living standards, making us happy and the good causes they can support. As we can see from what’s happening around the world today and throughout history the current system doesn’t work. The UK Government who has the 5th richest economy in the world in 2018 had a budget of £800 Billion to spend on public services. When you divide this figure into its population of around 70 million people you can see that it had around £15,000 to spend on each person when it comes to public services. This is an extremly low figure and even if the UK Goverment had £8 trillion to spend each year as a budget it still would struggle to top up minimum wage, pensions, incentivise businesses to got carbon neutral, provide us with clean renewable energy, clean transportation, better NHS and free higher education. The current system is restricting our development and progress as humans due to lack of money and too much unhealthy competition for it. With the current system everything is entangled between each other which makes and hinders proper decisions being taken by governments. What I mean by this is, they are reliant on their economies like businesses, citizens, foreign trade and other institutions for their finances that when it comes to making decisions, they can’t always be making the right one due to this reliance. Here is a couple of examples of the wrong decisions being made due to their reliance;

1.1 You recieve a fine when you don’t wear a seat belt due to them thinking of your health and acting like a fatherly or motherly figure but on the other hand they allow the sale of cigarettes. If one is thinking banning cigarettes is an impeachment on ones civil liberties than why are we fined when it comes to not wearing a seat belt? Then surely it should be our civil liberty to make the decision as to if we want to wear a seat belt and not get fined for doing so? The main reason as to why cigarettes are not being banned is the fact that they are a very good income generator for governments as well as providing jobs for their citizens which in my opinion are nearly always under paid, have poor working conditions, use child labor and is a poor way for the labor force to be distributed. These people could be utilised much more better in other industries which are more beneficial to human progress then its hindrance. I’m not condemning cigarette companies because I’m sure some if not many try to do their best to keep everything above-board. I’m in the opinion that the fault lies with the current system. I don’t see it as a problem in my opinion with state funding and help that if ever the closer and banning of cigarettes was imposed the individuals like management, directors, investors and employees who earn their income from this industry couldn’t find themselves better jobs which are much more satisfying and rewarding when it comes to their conscience and pockets.

1.2 The same could be said for alcohol. It’s taking away lives everyday in the thousands and ruining many more. It is my opinion that a limit to the amount that is consumed should be imposed to may be a single unit a day if not two and over time the consumption of alcohol can be faded out. The same can be done to cigarettes which was mentioned above. If you speak to nearly all medical experts they will tell you that you shouldn’t drink more than a couple of units a day if not a week so why is it that there is no restrictions on it’s sales. The reason is the same as above it’s a good income generator and it provides jobs. Due to the current system the relationship and reliance of governments to these industries restricts their proper decision-making capabilities. The labor force used by these industries from top to bottom where it be employees, management or directors could be used much more better in more beneficial industries like health care, education, environmental and so on. The investors in these industries could always channel their investments into other industries which can also be rewarding on their consciences and pockets.

1.3 The environment and the use of environmentally damaging fuels should be restricted if not banned by governments but their reliance on these industries for their funds restricts their decision-making and this is due to the current system that we have. Why are we still using fossil fuels to generate energy when it’s documented by majority of experts that their emissions are damaging the health of all humans and living creatures on this planet. Energy companies should be helped and imposed by governments to go green for their production of energy immediately if not very quickly. This is not being done and the right decisions that need to be taken is hindered by again the reliance that governments have on these industries when it comes to their finances. Expenditures on these types of causes which I call GOOD CAUSES should not be restricted by the current system. I will explain below the proposal as to a better system where GOOD CAUSES like this should be financed regardless and not be dependent on tax payers or be paid back.

1.4 Transport and polluting vehicles are still being used today despite the fact that they are damaging and killing living creatures not to say the least us. Cars, trucks, buses, planes, boats and trains which run of electricity which is being generated using polluting sources of fuels should be banned if not restricted. The reason as to why this is not being done is the fact that the current system restricts progress. If you tell these companies which operate in these industries that they need NOT TO PAY TAX and will receive GRANTS which they don’t need to pay back for in return for going green immediately if not very quickly they would bite your hand and say thank you very much and take the deal immediately. As you read on you will start to understand better what I’m trying to explain and what I’m proposing which I see as a solution to nearly most if not all the problems that we have currently globally and locally.

2. Overview of Proposal

The problem we have at the moment is like I mentioned above that the current system restricts all governments across the world in their capabilities when it comes to GOOD CAUSES & PUBLIC SERVICES because they are dependent on collecting tax, selling bonds, borrowing and so on to generate income.

The proposal is to let governments submit plans which they make, receive from local authorities and industries for approval. The ministers in charge of that department or an approving body can be utilised to approve these plans to be good enough and for a good cause. After the plans are approved than their national bank/ central bank can give them these funds as a GRANT which does not have to be paid back. A simpler way to put this would be, to let governments function on grants which don’t need to be paid back from their national/central bank as long as it’s for a GOOD CAUSE & PUBLIC SERVICES. NO BOMBS, GUNS & WEAPONS!!! This way taxing, governments borrowing and the current system can become a day of the past as it was invented from the past. There is no need to be scared that everyone will become too rich or not work because these would be the least of our worries with easy solutions and nice ones to have instead of the ones we have now. We couOvemakeit compulsory for the younger generations to work and reduce the retirement age easly and societies would still function and also be happier. There doesnt need to be fears that the world population will increase too much or that resources are scares and will run out because with proper planning and no lack of money for Governments these can be overcome very easily. The major aspects of our life and how the proposal can be applied in these areas are listed below.

2.1 Education

Can someone explain why Education is not free for all across the world including Higher Education? We want to progress in life and make more people educated but we make it more difficult for them. This does not make sense specially when you look at how bad things are in third world countries. No taxing, and government grants for proper plans on how to improve the education across the world would firstly eradicate other problems that are linked to poor education. Better salaries for workers in this industry is a no brainer as their importance is not rewarded enough. Better paid teachers and other workers in this industry will make their lives easier and in return help with their teaching quality. Parents who don’t have to stress about lack of money for their child’s education can also spend more time with their kids and help bring them up better, specially in the case where parents have to resort to crime to pay their bills.

2.2 Heath Care

The same again we want everyone to have access to good if not the best health care around the world but we are not doing it. In all respect to individuals who might oppose please put yourself in the situation of those who are a lot worse of than you and see how you feel. Places in the third world don’t have hospitals for kilometres and the ones that they do have suffer from lack of equipment and medicine. The situation is not just bad in the third world but it’s not great in the most developed countries across then world. A lot more can be done to cure and find cures for illnesses where it be cancer, dementia, heart disease and so on if there were no restrictions on funds for approved research. Thousands of projects are being turned away due to lack of thousands and ones who are approved are suffering from poor funding or no access to future funds. Same as above the salaries of people who work in this industry where it be cleaners, doctors, nurses or researchers clearly does not reflect their importance. Better living conditions for these people with less stress will improve their service and achievements where it discoveries or cures. The same can be said for the public, if they don’t have to stress about medical bills their lives would become a lot more easier and happier. The crimes which are committed due to lack of funds for medical care and related ones would start to disappear.

2.3 Work

Why is there such a gap in wages and working conditions when majority if not all carears are vital for societies to function? The ones who seem to be doing the harder, more dangerous, and MORE IMPORTANT jobs are not being paid the same or even near enough the same as top earners across the world who’s jobs are not as important or vital for us as communities to function. No disrespect to top earners or jealousy it’s not a case of a wage reduction for them but an increase for others is what I’m proposing. Specially when you look at pensions and the hard conditions that older generations have to go through after putting in countless years into the system. Their reward is more stress and more suffering due to lack of money, poor health and support. People should be retiring younger not older and my opinion is around the 50 mark if not the latest may be 55. People should in my opinion get the same salary as what they were earning when they was working when they go into retirement not less. Poor working conditions and lack of jobs is a major influence when it comes to crime and other problems we are having across the world.

2.4 Environment

Why are we still polluting and not just sustaining our environment but improving it? All we seem to be doing is cutting down trees, burning fossil fuels, polluting our waters, our air and our soil. Industries which use natural resources to produce their goods can be given grants and relieved of having to pay tax in return for going 100% green or near enough where the possibility lies. The main industries that we need to convert to 100% green or near enough is our source of energy and transportation. Food producers like farmers should be helped a lot more, organic, environmentally friendly and greener sources of food and water production should be incited through grants. We are polluting our air, waters and soil due to poor funding. The reliance of governments for money like taxes and so on restricts their decision-making and capabilities to bring about change quickly and effectively.

2.5 Energy

Why not 100% clean? The only thing standing in the way of a major shift and very quick shift into 100% renewable sources of energy is not the technology its lack of funds due to the current system. Projects are being turned away due to lack of funds and when you listen to experts they will tell you that the more is invested into research the better and quicker the results. With Government grants, assistance and no taxes being imposed on energy companies where it be state-owned or privately own producers, there is no reason why they won’t go green immediately if not lot more quicker. I haven’t read the latest treaty to be signed but you can be sure a lot more can be done and a lot quicker if government budgets were not restricted and dependent on taxes, borrowing, bonds and so on when it comes to Good Causes. The more cleaner electricity we produce the better it is for everyone.

2.6 Transport

Why again are we polluting and not using 100% clean? Same as above if transport companies like car manufacturers, airplane producers along with others were given grants, and relieved of having to pay taxes there is not a single one who wouldn’t shift their production to 100% clean vehicles which don’t pollute and are much more affordable.

2.7 Immigration

The majority of immigration is due to poorer and harder living conditions back at the natives home country. For those who want to tackle immigration quickly all they have to do is agree with the proposal and give these immigrants countries the power to develop themselves without borrowing or going into debt when it comes to their expenditure on Good Causes.

2.8 Crime and Wars

If you ask military personnel and police officers all of them would agree that they don’t want to be involved in wars and conflicts. Their aim is to prevent and end wars and crimes not to start them. They would also agree that the main reason for their existence is due to a failing system that is causing conflicts globally and locally. The hard living conditions, inequality, lack of money and the stresses that goes along with these does not help when it comes to people committing acts of crime, terror, or straying of course. It’s time we stopped putting the majority of the blame on people who stray of course and start putting it on the system. We been blaming people and ourselves for too long now.

These are the major areas where we are having trouble with which can be overcome with a simple solution. Things are too complicated now and it’s best to make them simpler.

I’m not suggesting this proposal is perfect at the moment but I’m 100% certain majority would agree that it’s better then the one we have at the moment.

Like I mentioned in the opening title currently 50% which is half the people in the world are earning $2 or less a day along with half of the children in the world are born into poverty. I can’t see a single one of them saying no to this proposal so their government has the power to bring about change and improve their living conditions. If you was in their situation what would feel like and do.

3. I will continue to mention more problems that we have

What mean by the opening statement that there is never a bad student but always a bad teacher is if not all, most of the bad things that are happening in the World are due to The Current World System. If we want to IMPROVE EVERYONE’S LIFE and start to put an END to ALL THE BAD things that are happening like, POVERTY, STARVATION, WARS, ILLNESSES, DISEASES, POOR WAGES, BAD WORKING CONDITIONS, LACK OF JOBS, INADEQUATE HEALTH CARE, TOO MUCH POLLUTION, GLOBAL WARMING AND SO ON, then we need to make sure that ALL THE GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD ARE NOT DEPENDENT ON TAX PAYERS, ECONOMIES AND ONE ANOTHER FOR THEIR FINANCES WHEN IT COMES TO GOOD CAUSES. By doing this we can let ALL Governments function MUCH MORE BETTER so in-return they can IMPROVE THE LIVING STANDARDS OF THEIR CITIZENS, LOOK AFTER THE ENVIRONMENT BETTER, PROVIDE BETTER EDUCATION, BETTER HEALTH CARE, MORE AND BETTER EMPLOYMENT, BETTER HOUSING, DO MORE WHEN IT COMES TO INVESTING IN GOOD AND VITAL RESEARCH TO FIND CURES FOR ILLNESSES LIKE CANCER AND MANY OTHER GOOD CAUSES WHICH ARE LISTED FURTHER BELOW. It roughly costs extremely high amounts of money which I believe is around £500 million to bring a new pain relieving drug up to clinical trial stages in the UK so you can imagine how much it will cost to get cancer drugs up and running and only up to clinical trials stages never mind having them approved and licensed. A point I want to make for those people who don’t think that the current pollution levels in our atmosphere and planet are a problem, THERE ARE ACTUALLY THOUSANDS of people who DIE every year due to pollution related illnesses and I hope that it doesn’t mean that their loved ones need to die due to pollution related illnesses before they realise that pollution is a major problem we face. I would like any opposition to stick their head in the tail pipe of a petrol or diesel engine for 3 hours and see how they feel. I also want to make a point for those people who believe that Global Warming is a Myth, the suns gravitational pull will bring our planet closer to its self, which will bring about Global Warming, even if they don’t believe that too much Green House Gasses will bring about Global Warming so we need to act on it because it will come around one way or another and there is something we can do to protect our selves from it, even from both causes of Global Warming. FOR THOSE PEOPLE WHO DON’T CARE BECAUSE IT WONT BE IN THEIR LIFE TIME I WOULD LIKE TO SAY TO THEM, IS THIS HOW YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED SERIOUSLY? YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE GENERATION OF PEOPLE WHICH STOOD BY AND LET THINGS GET WORSE BY NOT DOING ANYTHING AND MAKING OBJECTIONS OR DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE GENERATION OF PEOPLE WHO DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT? I THINK ANY SENSIBLE PERSON WILL CHOOSE TO BE REMEMBERED AS THE GENERATION WHICH DONE SOMETHING ABOUT IT. ANOTHER BENEFIT OF THE PROPOSAL IS, IT WILL HELP ERADICATE IF NOT ALL, MOST OF THE UNHEALTHY COMPETITION THAT WE HAVE NOW DAYS INTERNALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY BETWEEN PEOPLE AND COUNTRIES. THIS UNHEALTHY COMPETITION IS A BY PRODUCT OF THE CURRENT SYSTEM WHICH IS CAUSING US TOO MANY PROBLEMS.

I don’t mean to be rude to anyone but people in the third world deserve more than handouts. We can see that even the most developed countries in the world are not good enough to give everyone a happier and fairer life. Our prisons and crime numbers should be zero if not very few at the most.


The way that you bring about this change and stop Governments from being reliant on tax payers, economies and one another for their finances when it comes to good causes so they can be more effective is VERY SIMPLE and the examples below explain HOW;


If we want to DECREASE the amount of POLLUTION and INCREASE the use of Clean and Renewable Energy Sources QUICKLY we can give the following example as to how this can be done. LETS SAY a country like the UK currently uses 2000 kilo watts of electricity a year and only 500 kilo watts of this electricity is from clean sources, the UK needs to produce 1500 kilo watts of cleaner energy a year to decrease pollution when it comes to its energy supply right? If you ask the Government why you’re not producing 1500 kilo watts more cleaner energy a year they will say to you we are trying to and we have a plan that will probably take us another 20 years or so and we need to invest like £200 billion a year to do this and we need to balance our finances and so on. If we ask them why that long they will tell you that’s the BEST we can do. I believe that most Governments and politicians are trying their best but they are restricted in what they can do because they have to balance the books and make best use of their RESTRICTED INCOME. What I’m proposing is, as investing in clean and renewable energy sources is a GOOD CAUSE, why not let the UK government and all other governments across the world who want to turn to using clean renewable energy make their plans as how they can quickly start producing more clean renewable energy and once they get their plans approved by ONLY ONE of the below methods which ever we find most appropriate and APPROVE, then let them have the money they require and NOT have to pay this money back because it’s for a GOOD CAUSE;

A. Go to their Citizens and ask for a Referendum on it or,

B. Go to their National Bank and ask for approval or,

C. Go to The World Bank and ask for approval or,

D. Go to A Body which can be setup to determine and will have the authority to determine if it’s for a GOOD CAUSE and the plans are GOOD ENOUGH and give approval or,

E. Let Politicians vote for it in parliament,

If the plans that Governments make are approved by one of the chosen method above, which ever will be given the power, then the Governments NATIONAL BANK or the WORLD BANK will say YES its been APPROVED as a GOOD CAUSE and the PLANS ARE GOOD ENOUGH so we CAN give you the money and MOST IMPORTANTLY THIS MONEY WILL NOT HAVE TO BE PAID BACK. The important thing here is NOT to allow the abuse of this new system and make sure ONLY GOOD CAUSES can be financed and NO investments into MILITARY or ENVIRONMENTALLY DAMAGING CAUSES TO BE ALLOWED. The plans that Governments can submit can be in many different number of ways like LETS SAY £200 billion for one year and then reapply for next year with new plans or the plans can be for LETS SAY 3 years and can be reviewed after every year or six months and amended if necessary and so on. Other similar styles of plans can be made and I’m sure people can think of better styles of plans that Governments can draft up and use to achieve their goals. IF ANY ONE IS THINKING WHERE THE NATIONAL BANK OR THE WORLD BANK IS GOING TO GET THIS MONEY TO GIVE TO GOVERNMENTS ONCE THEIR PLANS ARE APPROVED I WOULD LIKE TO POINT OUT THAT MONEY DOES GROW ON TREES. THERE IS NO NEED TO THINK THAT THESE FUNDS CAN‘T BE GENERATED DIGITALLY AND THEN TRANSFERRED OVER TO THE GOVERNMENT SO IT CAN IMPLEMENT ITS PLANS!


Another example where Governments can apply for money and NOT have to pay it back can be when it comes to IMPROVING WORKING CONDITIONS AND TACKLING UNEMPLOYMENT. When you ask Governments currently what they are doing to bring down unemployment, increase the minimum wage, establish better working conditions and so on, they will say to you, we are working with businesses to create more jobs and this will take time due to the restricted funds we have or another reason but they will always tell you it will TAKE TIME. Like I have said above I believe most are trying their best but are restricted due to the current world system we have. Under the current system everything is taking too long and all the policies that Governments have are taking too long to happen, nearly all that politicians do due to the current system is argue between them selves on which party is right and who is better and so on. They argue over even the smallest and the least relevant things and NOTHING gets done SPECIALLY the main problems that we face as humans like pollution, better and more jobs, better health care, better education, more affordable and energy-efficient and green housing, better pension, cheaper or even better free public transport (which will help tackle pollution and many other issues) and so on DONT GET SOLVED and EVERYTHING takes TOO LONG. What I’m proposing is to make their jobs much more EASIER. LETS SAY the Brazilian Government currently has 5 million unemployed and they have a shortage in food production, teachers, doctors and so on. They plan to encourage and train and these unemployed people, of course with their consent, to become farmers and help tackle the problem of food shortage or become teachers or doctors and they will create these jobs for them. To do this LETS SAY the Brazilian Government draws up its plans and says we need to invest £10 billion a year and this is how we are going to do it, so like above they then go and get their plans approved by the appropriate way and AFTER APPROVAL they CAN have the money from their NATIONAL BANK or the WORLD BANK and NOT have to pay it back because it’s for a GOOD CAUSE AND ITS BEEN APPROVED. This way unemployment can be tackled VERY QUICKLY and so can the shortage of food production or doctors or teachers or where ever there is a shortage in labor demand. Where ever there is a shortage in labor, people can be encouraged and trained to fill that shortage with their consent of course and jobs can be created for the unemployed. The MINIMUM WAGE CAN also be INCREASED much more EASIER and QUICKER and people who work in the Public Sector like Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers, and SO ON, can be given BETTER WAGES which reflects how IMPORTANT they are to SOCIETY and the PLANET. Which brings me to EDUCATION on point 4.3 below.


If you ask most Governments across the world why the fees to get educated are GOING UP, why there are fees to pay when you are trying to get higher education like a College Diploma or a University Diploma, why there is a shortfall of teachers and education staff, why teachers are getting so little money compared to other people in other industries and why the importance of teachers to society is not reflected in the money they make, why classrooms are getting more crowded or and there is no school near where children can attend and what they are doing about it? They will say to you we are trying to educate as much people as possible and we are trying to deal with these problems but due to the restricted funds we have, we have to try to manage our finances to the best of our abilities and if we want to reduce fees and tackle these problems this will TAKE TIME and most will say to you we can’t afford to make higher education free. Again the same as the two points above as EDUCATION IS A GOOD CAUSE we can give the following example; LETS SAY the American Government makes it plans on how to improve education and solve the problems above and they want $300 billion a year to spend on education to do this. Like ABOVE they get their PLANS APPROVED in the RIGHT WAY and AFTER APPROVAL they CAN have the money and do NOT have to pay the money back.


When you ask Governments whats being done when it comes to Health Care and why costs are going up and waiting times are getting longer or why there is a shortage of staff and why the importance of people who work in Health Care is not reflected in their salary or why there is shortage of equipment or facilities or the LACK of MONEY for NEW RESEARCH, they will say to you we are trying our best but we have to manage our resources with our other expenditure and this is the best we can do and improvements will TAKE TIME. Same as above, LETS SAY the German government draws up its plans on how to improve its Health Care and tackle all the problems associated with Health Care and say they want €4 trillion over a period of three years. They then get these PLANS APPROVED so the money CAN be given to them and they do NOT have to pay it back because it’s for a GOOD CAUSE and their plans have been APPROVED.


The same can be done for pensions. When you ask Governments why is there so little money being paid to pensioners, or why are people having to work for longer not less before they can retire, and why is it sadly that most of the people who get to retirement age or even before retirement age CANT ENJOY their retirement due to lack of good health because they had to work so long and now that they are retired they have to deal with the STRESS of not having enough money because pensions are so small and they can’t cope with cost of living? (Long question I know, but unfortunately a reality for majority of elderly people) they will most of the time say to you that, we have an aging population so people need to WORK LONGER so that we can balance the books, we would love to pay pensioners more money but we can only offered to give them £20 😦 more a week we are sorry. Like I said above most of them are trying their best but the current system restricts what they can do. I ask you, is this the answer you want to hear after all the hard years you worked and gone through is this the best the system can offer you, don’t you deserve to ENJOY your life after all the years of hard work you have put into the system. Don’t you deserve to RETIRE YOUNGER and have MORE MONEY in your pocket so at least when you retire you don’t have to stress about the cost of living and so on. Don’t you deserve to spend more quality time with your children and grandchildren by RETIRING YOUNGER NOT OLDER and also not worry about the lack of money. Well like I have explained above, as this expenditure is for a GOOD CAUSE we can give the following example, LETS SAY the Chines Government wants to spend €6 trillion a year to top up its citizens pensions, then they can draw up a plan on Pensions and say how much they need to invest and how they are going to tackle the issues related to pensions. They then get the plan approved and once the plan is approved they CAN have the money they want and do NOT have to pay it back because it’s for a GOOD CAUSE AND THE PLAN HAS BEEN APPROVED.


The same can be done for housing, example, LETS SAY Cuba has 1 million homeless and a further 500,000 people who need better accommodation so they need to build accommodation to meet their housing needs and in doing so they we will NOT harm the environment. LETS SAY the Cuban Government wants to build 2 million better energy-efficient housing, which are greener and more environmentally friendly. They will draw up their plans and as this is a GOOD CAUSE they can apply to have their plans approved. Once the plans ARE APPROVED they CAN have the money and they do NOT have to pay the money back. One point on TO CONSIDER ON HOUSING is that it might be beneficiary to build Apartments, Flats and BUILD UP so that the current available building spaces can be utilised to its best. If we start to thinking of the future and predict that the population of the world could increase then BUILDING UP seems like a sensible thing to do. A final point to consider that comes to mind at the moment is that the number of properties an individual could own across the world COULD be restricted to tackle shortage of housing but this point might NOT be need to be enforced if the need does NOT rise.


The same can be said for ALL TYPES of BENEFICIAL RESEARCH, TRANSPORT, RECYCLING, PLANTING TREES and most of the work that Governments and Councils do can be classed as a GOOD CAUSE. If the Local Councils needs to invest in GOOD CAUSES they CAN MAKE THEIR OWN PLANS, summit them to the Right Body or Government who gets them APPROVED and ONCE APPROVED they CAN have the money they want and they do NOT have to pay the money back. When we look at whats happening in the fields of BENEFICIAL RESEARCH AND STUDIES we can see there are major cut backs and lack of funds. MEDICAL RESEARCH, ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH, SPACE EXPLORATION, RESEARCH INTO CLEAN SOURCES OF ENERGY AND MANY OTHERS TYPES OF RESEARCH AND STUDIES are suffering due to the lack of finances and money. There should be MORE money invested in these fields of research and studies NOT LESS. When it comes to MEDICAL RESEARCH we need to try harder and not hold back on expenses and expenditure in this field. We should give all necessary means to researchers when it comes to funds so they can hopefully come up with discoveries and cures for specially life threatening diseases like CANCER, HEART DISEASE, AIDS, DEMENTIA and so on. The research and studies carried out in these fields should be supported more by Governments and businesses like drug manufacturers and charities should be supported more. Hopefully with the right investments and developments over time we CAN come up with cures for ALL TYPES of DISEASES AND ILLNESSES and no one will have to suffer the pain of losing their LOVE ONES LIKE, CHILDREN, PARTNER, FRIENDS, RELATIVES AND FAMILY. When we look at the developments in the field of SPACE EXPLORATION and ENVIRONMENTAL STUDIES it is my opinion that we should be BUILDING AN EXTRA OZONE LAYER AND NOT DESTROYING the current one we got. It might sound a little bit too much into the future to some but why are we NOT BUILDING AN EXTRA OZONE LAYER? I’m no scientist but I’m sure with the right investment and not holding back on funds we probably and SHOULD try to BUILD A MIRROR SHIELD which can be adjusted to REFLECT sun light back to which ever amount and at the same time some areas of the shield CAN MAGNIFY the suns rays if needed. This shield COULD also be a SOURCE OF CLEAN ENERGY. This all might sound like science fiction to many people but I believe if scientist are given the chance and the funds they will come up with much more better ideas than this and as a result all of human kind, our planet, all the creatures and life on it will benefit as well.


Governments need to make sure that their plans are in line with other Governments and non of them are trying to cheat one another when it comes to wages, pensions and other aspects that would not be fair on everyone else around the world. When it comes to tackling inflation of prices due to more money being in circulation Governments can impose a price cap on businesses. A generous price cap which majority of businesses wouldnt oppose. Majority of businesses work on around 40% to 50% profit margin so saying to them to have a maximum profit margin of 100% which would mean if total costs tangible and intangible were £1 then the price of the goods, services or commodities they offer cant be higher then £2. When MORE THAN ONE GOVERNMENT wants to buy supplies or raw materials or natural resources and so on from lets say manufacturers or another government, instead of an endless price war happening where they are outbidding each other the manufacturer or supplier can decide which government to supply on the basis of their plans and NOT financial gains. One way this can be done is the supplier can ask for a REASONABLE PRICE that ALL APPLYING PARTIES AGREE on and once this is done all the plans can be analysed by the SUPPLIER or A BODY FOR INTERNATIONAL TRADE CAN BE ESTABLISHED which CAN select the appropriate candidate or candidates to be supplied. This way natural resources and other goods and services can be traded much MORE FAIRLY and on the basis of THEIR MOST APPROPRIATE USE and NOT financial gains.

If anyone thinks that by this proposal everyone will get too rich and no one will work then we can always impose a minimum of certain hours on the younger generations so that labor forces are productive enough for societies to function. Nearly 80% to 90% of the people in the World are working so I can’t see this as a major change to people’s lives that would be apposed. I also suggest a retirement age of 50 for everyone. Wouldn’t it be lovely if money was not as important as it is now days in everyone’s life.

The exchange rate of Currency’s of all countries can also be made even if not near enough the same.

I will repeat pay rates for workers across the world and prices of goods and services can be made the same if not near enough the same. If there is a scare that prices will go sky-high then a cap on profit margins can be imposed. Generally demand and supply is good at setting prices but the final point could be imposed if necessary. Like I mentioned before wouldn’t it be a brilliant problem to have that everyone was wealthy and had no financial difficulties. I pray it does comes to this. If it does come to this like I mentioned before one solution is to impose a minimum amount of hours and years for the younger generations when it comes to work. Nearly everyone has to work now days anyway so I can’t see this as being a problem.


The current world political agenda is mostly based on money generating and restricted in its capabilities. The current system is causing too many bad side effects like a very very bad drug which is on trial. This system has been on trail for many many decades if not centuries and it can be seen that it has too many bad side effects and is not adequate at bringing happiness to the whole world and changes are TAKING TOO LONG to happen. The current system is not good enough to improve the living standards of all the people in the world. The current system is like a survival off the fittest system, like what happens in the jungles of the world, we are supposed to be humans not animals, we are supposed to be the intelligent ones with the most developed brains, but we still live in a system that’s similar to the jungles of the world. There is too much unhealthy competition internally and internationally between countries because of the current system.

There are corporations, businesses and individuals now days which are more powerful and have more funds than governments. They are so influential that governments are too reliant on them for their backing and finances. This link needs to be broken up so that governments can function on their own two feet and not be reliant on others for their finances and backing when it comes to GOOD CAUSES. If we give governments their own funds when it comes to good caused, then CHANGE CAN HAPPEN QUICKLY. With this change YOU & EVERYONE around the world can have, better national health which is free, better education and even higher education which is free, better national transport which is free, better national policing which is free, better cleaner and renewable energy which is free, the environment can be looked after better where cleaner cars and fuels are used and better policies for cleaner air, soil and water is made, better jobs with better working conditions and much more better money. This change can help QUICKLY eradicate not only poverty but it can also help eradicate crime, wars and conflicts.

The world leaders gather around for summit meetings now and again like the G20 and so on but they CANT and DON’T have the power or resources to bring about change that will benefit all aspects of everyone’s lives, whether it be the environment, poverty that’s all around the world, conflicts and so on. If we believe in the good nature of people and trust in them then there is NO reason as to why these changes can’t happen and things like corruption and miss management like we have now days will stop or get in the way of this new world political and financial system working. We can still have and promote democracies around the world and promote the voting in and out of political leaders and so on which will try to get rid off the bad eggs who will try to miss manage. There is no need to fear that everyone will become too rich and not work and so on, because if we look at very wealthy individuals today and see what drives them forward it’s not a case of money, we can see that they still get up nearly every morning and go to work and do good deeds. This change will also HELP ECONOMIES AND BUSINESS. Like I said above if we trust in the good nature of people then we can make this work. We need to spread the word around and explain how this simple new change will work and I’m sure that the support and the amount of people who want a QUICK CHANGE will come. IF WE WORK TOGETHER, KNOW WHAT AND MOST IMPORTANTLY HOW WE CAN BRING CHANGE QUICKLY, THEN ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.



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